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Idaho White Water Rafting

Sponsored Outfitter:
River Odysseys West (ROW) - ROW, a leader in the white water rafting industry for more than twenty years, runs more Idaho rivers than any other outfitter.

White Water Rafting in Idaho
Idaho boasts more white water river miles than any other state-- more than 3500 in total. But Idaho’s rivers are hardly the dime-a-dozen variety-- they are regarded as some of the most pristine and awe-inspiring wilderness rivers in the world. Cutting through the heart of several massive, protected wilderness areas, these legendary rivers offer a spectacular combination of boisterous rapids, gorgeous and varied scenery, natural hot springs, abundant wildlife, rich cultural history and world-renowned fishing.

ROW Idaho White Water Rafting
ROW’s high-class, personalized service is legendary in Idaho. For more than twenty years they have been perfecting the art of luxury wilderness trips--setting up camp, pitching guest's tents and preparing hors d’oeuvres even before their passengers arrive. They run a total of nine rivers, offering three to six-day trips on famous rivers like the Middle Salmon and the Snake. They also offer one-day trips on lesser-known jewels like the Moyie and the St. Joe. Their “Family Focus” trips have been featured in several national publications. Visit their comprehensive website for more details about the impressive list of rivers they run in Idaho and abroad.

"ROW’s guests know their guides’ names. There seems to exist as easy camaraderie between guests and guides. ROW’s employees are always a joy to be around. Guests seems very happy and satisfied."
- US Forest Service, Lochsa ranger District, Outfitter Performance Evaluation, March 2001

River Odysseys West
is a sponsored outfitter for Idaho. For more information becoming a sponsored outfitter for your home state or region, contact us.

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