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Massachusetts White Water Rafting

Sponsored Outfitter:
Zoar Outdoor - Offers a wide variety of outdoor adventures from their Massachusetts headquarters, including exceptional white water rafting trips.

White Water Rafting in Massachusetts
The Northern Appalachians are host to a plethora of excellent white water opportunities for both beginner and experienced rafters. Spring rafting on the Millers and Concord Rivers beckon rafters with steep drops and technical maneuvering, while stretches like the Lower Deerfield and Zoar Gap offer more family-oriented rafting opportunities.

Zoar Outdoor Massachusetts White Water Rafting
Zoar Outdoor was established in 1989 by Bruce Lessels and Karen Blom. Bruce was a member of the U.S. Whitewater Team and has since written several white water guide books. With an emphasis on providing low-impact wilderness recreation in the Northeast, Zoar Outdoor offers half-day and one-day trips on seven rivers in and around Massachusetts. Many of the rivers they run are Class III-IV, but they also run family trips on the Lower Deerfield River and Zoar Gap, accommodating children as young as five and seven years old, respectively. Zoar Outdoor also offers kayak instruction, rock climbing clinics and canoe and sit-on-top kayak rentals.

A guest had this to say about Zoar guides:

We all had a fantastic time rafting the Deerfield and shooting Zoar Gap. Your guides are clearly skilled in their craft and knowledgeable about the river and its surroundings. We also appreciate that they treated the students with humor and respect.

- David, Beaver Country Day School

Zoar Outdoor is a sponsored outfitter for Massachusetts. For more information about becoming a sponsored outfitter for your home state or region, contact us.

Excerpted from World White Water by Jim Cassady and Dan Dunlap

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