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New Zealand Whitewater Rafting

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Queenstown Rafting - Queenstown Rafting operates on three of the South Island’s most exciting and beautiful white water rafting rivers.

White Water Rafting in New Zealand
In New Zealand, birthplace of adventure racing and bungee jumping, white water rafting takes on a whole new character. Kiwis (New Zealanders) have a reputation of being a hearty and adventurous lot-- when white water rafting, they definitely live up to this stereotype. Whether it is sunny and warm or bitingly frigid, Kiwi outfitters are running rafting trips. On winter trips (July-October), it’s not uncommon for it to be necessary for rafters to jump out of the raft to carry it over small stretches of ice. Given this extreme sense of adventure, it’s no wonder the rivers run in New Zealand often defy traditional classification scales. Rivers in the South Island can go from low flows to flood stage in a matter of hours in heavy rain-- and trips are rarely cancelled.

Queenstown White Water Rafting in New Zealand
Queenstown Rafting operates out of the sporty town of Queenstown, the heart of the rafting world in the South Island. Queenstown Rafting is one of the original outfitters in the area and won a New Zealand Tourism Award for their commitment to running quality river trips. They run one day trips on the Kawarau and Shotover Rivers and a three-day wilderness trip on the Landsborough River. They also offer multi-sport package trips which include bungee-jumping, jetboat rides and helicopter flights.

Queenstown Rafting is a sponsored outfitter for New Zealand. For more information about becoming a sponsored outfitter for your home state or region, contact us.

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