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Oregon White Water Rafting

Sponored Outfitter:
White Water Warehouse- For 20 years White Water Warehouse has run white water rafting trips on the Rogue River in southern Oregon.

White Water Rafting in Oregon
With precipitation levels well above the national average, it’s little wonder Oregon rafters have so many verdant and capacious rivers from which to choose. Many rivers begin high in the slopes of the Cascade Mountains and tumble down to the valley through lush landscapes of pine and fir trees. The Blue and Wallowa Mountians in the Northeastern side of the state also spawn many rivers, as do the Siskiyou Mountains in the Southern region. Perhaps the crown jewel of this river system is the Rogue River, whose flows originate near the crystalline-blue waters of Crater Lake.

White Water Warehouse Oregon Rafting
With twenty years in the business, White Water Warehouse runs three and four-day rafting trips on the Wild & Scenic Rogue River. The three-day option is a lodge trip where guests stay in riverside bungalows nestled in the canyon. White Water Warehouse guests have the option to ride on a raft, navigate the river in personal inflatable kayaks, hard-shell kayaks or even go inner-tubing. Raft-supported hiking adventures are also available. One guest had this to say about White Water Warehouse’s guides:

"The men who have guided us down the river year after year- protecting us from danger, allowing us to seek adventures in our own wacky way, putting up with our painted faces and inner tubes, our crazy names and crazier behavior- have become more than guides to us, they have become our friends."

White Water Warehouse
is a sponsored outfitter for Oregon. For more information about becoming a sponsored outfitter for your home state or region, contact us.

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