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Utah White Water Rafting

Sponsored Outfitter:
Holiday Expeditions - For 35 years, Holiday Expeditions has run white water rafting trips in the awe-inspiring canyon lands of Utah and beyond.

White Water Rafting in Utah
The desert river canyons of Utah are a timeless, but ever-evolving, aspect of the Utah landscape. Many rivers wind through canyons of rock more than a billion years old; their canyon walls jutting up to the sky in a flourish of deep reds, burnt oranges and gray-greens. Most of the rivers of this region are gentle and long but during the spring thaws when side creeks splash into the rivers, it is not uncommon for new channels to be made and old ones blocked. It is this dynamic geography and geology that makes the competition to get permits to float Utah’s rivers so intense. For geology and cultural history buffs, as well as families, a Utah river trip is the vacation of a lifetime.

Holiday Expeditions Utah White Water Rafting
Holiday Expeditions has run white water river trips for 35 years on desert rivers in and around Utah. They run nine different trips from two days in lengths to a full nine, allowing rafters to ease into the rhythm of river life. Holiday guests have the opportunity to learn about the geology and cultural history of the rivers they float during talks given by their guides. It is this commitment to river conservation and education which has earned Holiday industry awards and high praise from passengers.The fact that two-thirds of Holiday’s guests are return customers speaks volumes about the company’s attention to detail and their commitment to quality.

"On behalf of our group, I would like to commend you for running a first-class organization. Holiday Expeditions’ integrity and devotion to a purist form of river running were most impressive. We had the time of our lives and, in great part, that was due to your organization’s expertise."
-Christina Clarke

Holiday Expeditions is a sponsored outfitter for Utah. For more information about becoming a sponsored outfitter for your home state or region, contact us.

Excerpted from Western White Water by Jim Cassady, Bill Cross & Fryar Calhoun

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